Angular + Elastic : Upload Json file and create an index from it

I am coding in Angular.
I would like to create a form where the user can upload a json file which will be passed to Elastic to be indexed and dashboarded in KIbana with predetermined widgets. The result dashboard will appear directly on the bottom of the form when the user validate the upload and if his json match a specific pattern.
Is it possible ?

Anyone to help me ?


That's more an AngularJS question than an elasticsearch one IMO.

What I can say for now is to look at the official Javascript client.

Sure it is.
I guess that it is possible to do a curl request in javascript to send the data to the elastic server. In this case, the indexation will occur.
The second part is more tricky I presume because I don't know how to link these new indexed data to a kibana dashboard.
The question is 100% elastic because I can't figure if it is possible to tell elastic : "bind these indexed data to this particular dashboard".
Perhaps it is just impossible, I'm just wondering.

You can have a dashboard connected to a given index pattern which can be an index or an alias.
Not sure what else you are talking about. Anyway, if you have other questions about kibana, you should ask in #kibana.

Ok, thanks !

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