[ANN][Book] ElasticSearch Cookbook

Hello All,

Pleased to announce to the community the release of ElasticSearch Cookbook (http://www.packtpub.com/elasticsearch-cookbook/book) from Packtpub written by me and reviewed from Jettro Coenradie, Henrik Lindstrom, Richard Louapre, and Christian Pietsch.
The main target is from novice to intermediate users. I'll hope that this book will help to spread the love for ElasticSearch.

I'm the author of PyES (ElasticSearch python connector since 2010) and initial author of Elasticsearch MongoDB River.

The main goals of this book are:

  • Step-by step-instructions to help you easily understand ElasticSearch's capabilities, that act as a good reference for everyday activities (deploy, mappings, index, search, facets, monitoring, and scripting)
  • Integrate the power of ElasticSearch in your Java applications using the native API or Python applications, with the ElasticSearch community client or PyES
  • Write native plugins to extend the capabilities of ElasticSearch to boost your business

Other themes discussed in the book are:

  • Choose the best ElasticSearch cloud topology to deploy and power it up with external plugins
  • Control the index steps with tailored mappings
  • Manage indices and documents and build a complex query against them
  • Execute facets to compute analytics against your data to improve searches and results
  • Use scripting to bypass limits of search, facets, and updates
  • Synchronize and populate data from different data sources, by managing rivers (SQL, NoSQL, web)
  • Monitor the cluster and node performances, and execute common tasks via web interfaces
  • Extend the capabilities of ElasticSearch by writing your own plugin to add REST calls, rivers, and custom cluster actions

If anybody wishes to review this book, please let me know.

Best regards,
Alberto Paro

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