[ANN] 'elsec', Elasticsearch interactive command line client

See https://github.com/mkocikowski/elsec

The goal of the project is to provide an easy to use, interactive command
line (terminal) client to Elasticsearch, with behavior similar to 'mysql'
or 'psql' clients. The tool is to give a safe (read-only) way to explore
data in ES indices, addressing use cases common among non-technical,
non-administrator users. Anyone capable of using the mysql client to dig
around a mysql database should be able to use the 'elsec' to look at data
in an ES index.

The basic use case is to execute 'search' or 'count' requests based on
Lucene query strings entered on the command line. Tab completion of field
names is available, based on index mappings.

All requests are echoed as curl calls, and so can easily be copied and
executed outside the client (for debugging? sharing?) Any valid
Elasticsearch search or count request can also be pasted into the client
and executed (this is how you do complex queries).

This tool is not intended to be an admin interface, or a complex query
builder. It is to be quick to learn and safe and easy to use, more of a
spoon than a swiss army knife.

We've had this under review for about a month now, and it has been used by
various members of the San Francisco Elasticsearch meetup, so it is
relatively safe for human consumption. Please report any issues on the
github page.

Thank you, Mik.

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