ESConsole, new tool, interested?

(Peter G. Marczis) #1

I'm working a lot nowadays with ElasticSearch clusters, and so I was missing a kind of easy to use admin tool. (Maybe I just don't know about those super great tools out there).
I wanted to have a simple to have tool to connect to my cluster, get health status, list nodes, check the shards ..etc.

So I came up with a python tool, which will connect to the cluster and do my favorite rest api calls, with out the need of remember those rest apis...
Anyway, I made it as an opensource thing, despite I did not decided the licensing yet. (gotta agree with my boss)

If you want to check, or join to the development, or just give any feedback, or request new things, please leave your comment :smile:

you can find the "project" here:

Any feedback would be nice. I did used the cmd module with argparser, so you can use tab to see the list of command, use help command to get (some) help at least (I swear I will add those), and you can use -h after every command to see additional options.

I hope you will find this helpful.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Looks interesting!

Have you had a look at the _cat APIs?

(Peter G. Marczis) #3

sure, nodes for example listed with _cat !

(system) #4