[ANN] it’s {on}: announcing our first user conference – elastic{on}15

Shay Banon November 20, 2014

It’s been a little over two years since we formed a company around
Elasticsearch, and the engagement with our community, users, and customers
has taken on a life of its own. There are now 90 meetup groups
http://elasticsearch.meetup.com/ around the globe, hundreds of
conferences featuring our products, and a growing list of events where our
own developers engage audiences in the Elasticsearch story. It’s clear we
hit a nerve.

Over and over, we kept hearing one question: “When will Elasticsearch get
a conference of its own?” We listened, and I am happy to announce the first
Elasticsearch conference, Elastic{ON}15 http://www.elasticon.com/, is
happening March 9 through 11, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

The conference details are unfolding as we speak, but there are a few
things we already have planned that I want to share with you.

First, Elastic{ON}15 will be centered around Elasticsearch
http://www.elasticsearch.com/products/elasticsearch/ and the ecosystem
of products surrounding it, including Apache Lucene, Kibana
http://www.elasticsearch.com/products/kibana/, Logstash
http://www.elasticsearch.com/products/logstash/, the various client
, Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop
http://www.elasticsearch.com/products/marvel/, and Shield

Part of what makes Elasticsearch tick is the close communication we have
with our users. To that extent, we’re doing a few things to make sure the
conference is run the same way.

What does this mean for you? It means that all the developers at our
company (that’s right, every single one of them) will be attending the
conference — and they want to hear from you. Elastic{ON}15 will feature a
dedicated track that gives you a unique opportunity to talk with our
engineers about all the work they currently do and plan to do. Afterwards,
we’re coordinating an Elasticsearch dev all hands meeting where we’ll
discuss your feedback and apply it to future products and events.

The second aspect of the conference is hearing you, the user, speak about
how you use our platform. I am lucky enough to be able to travel the world
and talk to users and customers frequently, and am continuously amazed by
how our products are being put to use. We plan to create a platform for our
users, customers, and contributors in the community to talk about their use
cases and successes. Elastic{ON}15 will be a great way to meet and talk
with other users in your space and share knowledge. Please, if you’re
interested, don’t hesitate to submit to speak
http://www.elasticon.com/apex/Elastic_ON_Speak at the conference.

We will also have a hands-on track with our developers, who will go
through some high-level overviews and technical deep dives of our various
products. Or you can drop by our “Agents of Elasticsearch” station to ask
any questions that are on your mind.

Bottom line: Elastic{ON}15 is all about you! And obviously, we plan to
have a lot of fun while we’re together.

I am super excited about the conference, and I hope you are as well. I
would love to personally welcome each and every one of you to join us; it’s
going to be great. (And make sure to sign up
http://www.elasticon.com/apex/Elastic_ON_Signup to save your spot – my
events team keeps reminding me that registration will fill up fast!)

(Sent on behalf of the Elasticsearch Team)

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