Annotated-text field in Kibana


I've created an index with a field type annotated-text and then an index pattern for this index. The type shows up as 'unknown' and therefore there are limitations in what I can do with it in Kibana.
Is this type not supported by Kibana?

I didn't manage to find a list of supported field types for Kibana, is it available somewhere?


From what I understand, the annotated-text field type is a useful tool for fulltext search applications that are powered by Elasticsearch.

Kibana is pretty much more geared towards data visualizations, as opposed to fulltext search.

What were you hoping that Kibana would be able to do with the annotated-text data? Have you run into any issues so far?

Elasticsearch has a ton of features that are beyond the realm of powering data visualizations in Kibana. You would see fulltext features used more in solutions such as Elastic Enterprise Search:

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Thanks for your answer.

I certainly agree that annotated-text is especially useful for full text search. However, I think that maybe there are some use-cases that could be addressed with Kibana.
For instance, I have a lot of documents with very short text and I can use the Discover feature to have a very simple and fast overview of the data. I would like to be able to filter it for certain annotations and maybe even highlight different annotations with different colors by customizing the field format in the index pattern.
Additionally, for now I can't create a visualization based on this field, altough I manage to go around this issue by using a non annotated version and then filtering with a query DSL.

You can map the annotated text fields as multi-fields:


        notes: {
          type: 'annotated_text',
          fields: {
            raw: {
              type: 'keyword'
            text: {
              type: 'text'

If you want to view the short text in Discover and get search highlighting, you can use the text sub-field. If you want to do aggregations, you can use the keyword sub-field.

I haven't gotten a chance to try it myself, since testing it requires installing the mapper-annotated-text plugin in ES

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