Annotations in stacked vertical bar graph

I have created the following stacked bar graph

I have used annotation to display extra data at a specific time on x axis.
When i hover on the number in the pink circle at the top

but i am not able to take control on that box which has all dat. As we can see in the image there are many more entries which needs to be scrolled. i am unable to take control to that box. i tried right clicking the bar, using keys. but it doesn't work

It is not possible to scroll the entire list of annotations when grouped, only the first 5 within the tooltip.
Zooming in the chart will recompute the annotations and show more detail.

then how can i access the other entries? +14 more as shown in the image. when i hover on a particular bar at a partiular time on x axis i would like to see sum(bytes) and sum(duration) for every service at the minute of time

Brushing the chart within the area of the annotation zoom in the time range and uncluster the annotation group.

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