[ANNOUNCEMENT] Luke 5.2.0 released

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I thought elasticsearch community would want to learn about the release of luke, UI toolbox for your lucene index.

This is a major release supporting lucene / solr 5.2.0. Download the zip here:

It supports elasticsearch 1.6.0 (lucene 4.10.4)

Issues fixed:
#20 Added support for reconstructing field values of indexed and not stored fields, that do not expose positions.

Pull requests:
#23 Elasticsearch support and Shade plugin for assembly
#26 added .gitignore to project
#27 Lucene 5x support
#28 Added LUKE_PATH env variable to luke.sh
#30 Luke 5.2

Feel free to test / submit bug reports / stargaze the repo :wink:

Dmitry Kan
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