[ANNOUNCEMENT] Luke 5.4.0 released

(Dmitry Kan) #1

This is a major release supporting lucene / solr 5.3.0. Download the release zip here:

Fixed in this release:

#43 Build failure due to missing org.restlet-2.3.0
#46 upgrade to 5.4 (thanks to this pull request: #47)

released earlier, but not announced separately on this list: luke
running on Apache Pivot instead of the Thinlet library. It supports
lucene 5.2.1. Grab it here:
https://github.com/DmitryKey/luke/releases/tag/pivot-luke-5.2.1 Your
feedback is appreciated!

Dmitry Kan
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(Mark Walkom) #2

Thanks for posting this, we also have https://discuss.elastic.co/c/annoucements/community-plugins for such announcement posts :slight_smile:

(Dmitry Kan) #3

Thanks, I considered it, but luke is strictly speaking not a plugin -- it is a client, or better -- a standalone search engine, that can read lucene index generated by other engines, like es.

(Mark Walkom) #4

Yeah, maybe we need to amend that to include general ecosystem announces.

(Dmitry Kan) #5

Hi, it looks like the community-plugins page gives me "doesn't exist or is private".
I'd like to post an announcement on the recent luke release. What is the suitable category for this?

(Mark Walkom) #6

Try https://discuss.elastic.co/c/annoucements/community-ecosystem

(Dmitry Kan) #7

Thanks, it worked!

(system) #8