Anomaly Detection Categorization: Kibana Severity vs Anomaly score


I am using
Elasticsearch 8.1.0
Kibana 8.1.0

I have created a Categorization job in kibana. As input, I have given the index field which contains the log messages.

After the job gets completed processing, I can see the Analysis results at the bottom in tabular format.

For example: I can see only one instance of ml category 7 with a severity score of 48.
But within Top Influencers section for ml category 7, the max anomaly score is 44. And also the total anomaly score for ml category 7 is 178.

Does severity score mean the same thing as anomaly score? If they are same why the value is different in Top Influencers section and the analysis results section?

If total anomaly score is 178, that means there were other occurrences of ml category 7, why are not those occurrences shown in the analysis results section?

Please refer to this blog for information on scoring.

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