Anonymous access

Hi Team,

User would like to change Elasticsearch config to allow anonymous to post data to our Elastic search. No other accesses like read or delete shall be given to anonymous.

Hi @Bhanuji_paluri. Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like your question pertains to Elasticsearch. This forum is for Endpoint Security.

I am no Elasticsearch expert - my area is Endpoint Security - but you might want to try enabling anonymous access and giving the anonymous user the create_doc privilege to the index of interest.

If that doesn't work, and you can't find an an answer on Google, please consider posting this on the Elasticsearch forum. I can't move this issue to that forum, so I am going to close it here.

2023-01-03 EDIT: It turns out I can move it. There's a menu I wasn't previously aware of. Moved and reopened :slight_smile:

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