(another) Custome Index Name for Filebeat

First: Happy New Year!

Second: I have seen various other posts on this topic, but they always seem to timeout before getting to an answer.

I an running ELK 7.13.4
I have an Elasticsearch that ingests data from multiple filbeats running on different servers. The logs are not similar from server to server, so I'd like to have separate indices for each server.

Oh, yeah, I also need ILM to age the logs and eventually remove them.

In a filebeat yaml, I have added
output.elasticsearch.index: "customename-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"


    name: "customname"
    pattern: "customname-*"

I restart filebeat, and it keeps writing to the old existing filebeat index, the new index is not created.

What have I forgotten to do?



Have you disabled ILM loading? If not, you should set setup.ilm.enabled: false.

Sorry, been off doing 1000 other things. I did try as you suggested and it made no difference. I think I have something else going on in the yaml configuration. At any rate, this was deprioritized so I have not gotten back to it. Thank you for responding, I do really appreciate it!

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