Ansible-elasticsearch and network.bind_host array

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Simple question for ansible-elasticsearch configuration for the network.bind_host array
How to setup array of interface properly with ansible ?

Her is part of my yml

  • hosts: LIST
    user: USER1


    • { role: elasticsearch, es_instance_name: "node2", es_heap_size: "31g", es_data_dirs: "/data/ES2/",
      es_config: { "rand_cluster",
      http.port: 9201,
      transport.tcp.port: 9301, true,
      node.master: false,
      bootstrap.memory_lock: true,
      network.bind_host: [ "em4:ipv4", "local" ],
      network.publish_host: "em4:ipv4", ["MN01"],
      es_scripts: false
      es_templates: false
      es_version_lock: false
      es_version: 5.4.0
      es_java_install: true

result in config file for network part


  • em4:ipv4
  • local
    network.publish_host: em4:ipv4


network.bind_host: [ "em4:ipv4", "local" ]
network.publish_host: "em4:ipv4"

Any comment will be welcome

Thank you

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