(Lonnie Cumberland) #1

Greetings All,

I hope that you are doing well. I have recently set up a 2 node test cluster for elasticsearch and am really enjoying working with ES a lot as it is a wonderful project.

I have also read the documentation on the "" setting but an a bit confused and am hoping that someone could please clarify it for me.

Currently, in the elasticsearch.yml on my Ubuntu 14.04 systems, I have: [tun0, local]

and everything works well across the vpn and localhost.

What I would like to also do is to add in a couple of specific IP addresses for known machines that are allowed to connect, but am not clear on how this can be done.

Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and have a great day,

(Mark Walkom) #2 tells ES what interfaces/IPs to listen on, not who can connect to it.
If you want to restrict access you need something like Shield.

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