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Hi all ,
Please have a look at this post
(Set up Repository on multi-node Cluster via Ansible):

Hi all,
There are some doubts which i need to clarify on urgent basis :

1. I know we can easily setup snapshot repository via kibana but what about from curl request ?
   Let us say i have multi node cluster , do i need to add repository to each node with seperate
   commands or by just adding repository to master node , the repository will be accessible to each node for snapshots
2. How to setup azure repository via ansible on multi node cluster ? Any scripts / documentation to refer ?
3. I need to write an ansible script to register SLM policies on es cluster , how do i proceed ?
   Do i need to register SLM policies on each node while setting it up , or only master node will work?
   Can anyone share similar script to setup ilm / slm policies on ES cluster via ansible
   Thanks ,
   Hope to get an early response !

Please don't post the same question more than once :slight_smile: