Any anthing like "cronjob' existing in Elasticsearch?

I am facing a case:

  • I have price list (including all kinds of promotion prices)
  • I need to search and get an list with current price
  • The current price will be different depending on which date you are doing the search (The promotion prices have start date and end date)

So I am thing is there an cron job that I can set to run inside elasticsearch to calculate the currect price every 1 hour (or every 4 hour)

yes! take a look at alerting

you might want to store each result using index action, it really depends on the use case.

Thanks, it's useful information.
But looks like the mornitoring is more like to be used in ELK which is used to mornitor log and system metric.

I need a backend job to update the field 'currentPrice' of product in index every day. (As I have a list of price available with start day and end day. ) If elasticsearch can do this schedule job internally, it will be great. Otherwise I need to set up an cron job outside elasticsearch and get and update through APIs which seems more costly to me.

Actually, you may be able to do something of this nature with the Elasticsearch input plugin in Logstash, and have Logstash do this. Properly configured, you are able to update fields, not just write to new indices.

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