Are there any cron jobs I can perform daily to keep my cluster healthy?

I've got a very basic Elasticsearch cluster set up on my server to support search for a Xenforo forum. My technical knowledge is good enough to be dangerous.

Lately Elasticsearch is crashing about once a week and I'm wondering if there are any cron jobs I can set up to pre-emptively keep the service going. I suppose I could just stop and start eleasticsearch once a day but are there any other ideas and what would the jobs look like to add to my cronjob.

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Can you please provide some context about your cluster like how many nodes, RAM/CPU assigned to ES, data volume, index/shard count and size (on an average) ? Also, would be great if you can share ES logs when the cluster goes down or crashes. Is it only a single node or all the nodes are crashing ?

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How do I determine what I assigned to the cluster. It's on a dedicated server with 16G RAM and 8 cores. It's running alongside all the apache webserver sites so it's not a very sophisticated cluster.

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What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?

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