Any plans for an Ingest-Alerting integration


(Rancourt) #1

XPack Alerting has a lot of great features but its scalability is in doubt as it it is only polling based.

It would be fantastic if there was an ingestor that checks alerting conditions for new documents (where the alerting query can be checked against the new data only, and not the entire index).

Are there any plans for such an Ingest-Alerting integration?

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


you might want to take a look at the percolator query if you want to check each document.


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Not sure how to reach out to you re "cookiecutter" blog instructions??? Please redirect me to appropriate forum.

Struggling to set up my brand new Windows development environment, the cookiecutter gh... does not work and the error is vague, 128.

What are the development environment assumptions for this to work eg python2, github?

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