Any open source plugin for alerting elastic search instability or issues

Hi There,

Could you please suggest us any plugins/tools available for monitoring and elastic search unstability/ unavailability/cluster health status other than green. etc..

We are primary looking for open source tools, as we can go for the paid offer as of now.

x-pack has a free license which gives you access to monitoring features.

It does not create alerts though. But alerts is something you can probably do by running a simple curl command from a crontab.

Can you please point us to some esamples or documentation for alerts?

We are new to curl/crontab. Also, our VMs are Azure Windowss VMs. I hope we can use Curl and crontab in windows too.

@dadoonet Also, seems x-pack is supporting for ES 5.0, but we are still in 2.4.0.

Alerting is available for Elasticsearch 2.4 through Watcher, which is now part of X-Pack.

@Christian_Dahlqvist we are primary looking for the opensource tool, but watcher is the paid plugin.

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