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Hi all,

We are currently looking for a way to generate alerts based on saved searches and then post the alerts to an external API using webhook.

WE have tried Sentinl, which would have been exactly what we wanted however there are breaking changes between Elasticsearch 6.X which we are running and the Sentinl plugin.

Is anyone aware of any other options that may work?

I believe X-Pack can do this but as a early stage start the cost of an X-Pack licence makes it a non-option and we are not able to use the managed service version.

What ever the option is needs to be easily configurable by users, and the users may not (likely not) be technically minded. Which is why Sentinl was a very good fit.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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Alerting is the best option, we always keep it up to date with the rest of the Stack and there is a UI in Kibana.

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Hi Mark,

What is Alerting? Is it a plugin or is this something native?

Could you provide a link to it?


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(Eric) #5

Unfortunately X-Pack is not an option due to cost and the managed service is not an option because of our clients. And once the licence runs out it appears all the functionality we need, i.e. watchers is deactivated.

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