SMS Alerting

If I have a premium ELK license, how can I use with alerting?!?
I just know the connection between kibana and elasticsearch must be secured... how?!?
And also, what should I do, to send some alerts or anomalies to another API such as SMS or calling machine or....

I have already read this link:

To use Kibana Alerting framework you need some requirements, chec it here
Watcher is different from alerting, but they use same framework
So i think you want to use Kibana alerting, and if you have a valid license you can send webhook to a SMS Gateway ...

Yes exactly...
Thank you for your response

Could you please guide me how should I send webhook?


Check it here
Your endpoint target (SMS Gateway, Ticketing system, ...) must expose a Rest API so you can be able to send a POST or PUT from kibana alerting framework
The body of your request to the webhoost can be composed as a json using moustach templating language

Thank you so much

I did something like this. I used api Twilio for send sms or whatsapp message.

For more detail check my repository

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