How to send alert from ELK to SMS gateway?


(Ronald Ng) #1

Dear all,

I would like to help my client to send ELK critical alert into SMS gateway and send SMS to the operator. May I know anyone got such experience and how to make it works?

Can share a bit? Thanks for your help in advance.

Please advise.

(Peter Dyson) #2

The available actions for Watcher are:
email, index, logging, and webhook.

So you could have watcher send an email to your sms gateway to send the sms via your provider.
You might also be able to use webhooks depending on your sms provider, where you serve up an http/https page that the sms service will monitor and will send sms once watcher changes the webhook.

(Paul) #3


You could download and configure the Kannel SMS gateway with either a GSM modem or an operator connection.

Then you could use the watcher webhook action to drive the Kannel Send SMS HTTP interface;

(system) #4