Unable to integrate the Watcher alerts with my webservice via webhook

Hi ,
I'm trying to integrate ELK Stack to my Webservice via Webhook.
Currently i'm using the trail account(hosted on Elastic search cloud Instance ) and i created a deployment and have downloaded few other like Filebeat , metricbeat .. events are generating and from that alerts are creating in ELK Stack but those are not triggering to my End point .

I have used Webhook as a medium in the action tag and have given the host name and port , at that point when i hit the send request button its showing the request sent successfully to the host and port( which combinedly called endpoint ) i have provided , but when i check into the logs at my endpoint no alert got created .

Could any body have nay idea regarding this , i stuck at this point for 2 days .

Kind Regards

can you share either a watcher history or the output of the Execute Watch API?

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