Alerting UI in 7.7 and TLS

The new feature in the UI in Kibana is a welcome one, but currently, it's saying for me to enable TLS between Kibana and Elasticsearch. We are using a Load Balancer in front of Elasticsearch that terminates HTTPS, so the elasticsearch.hosts variable in the Kibana config is using a HTTPS url.

According to the documentation here that should be sufficient as it offers 2 options, to set up http encryption on Elasticsearch itself, or use a proxy that provides an HTTPS endpoint for Elasticsearch, which the load balancer does. Or am I reading this incorrectly?

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Hi @LLin,

In the alerting setup and prerequisites documentation, it mentions that TLS on the HTTP interface is required for alerting to work. This would mean a proxy will not suffice.

Hey @mikecote , so in the documentation here:
There's the following statement:

To perform this step, you must enable the Elasticsearch security features or you must have a proxy that provides an HTTPS endpoint for Elasticsearch.<

Is the or part not valid then? Kibana is configured to connect to an HTTPS endpoint that is provided by an F5 proxy for Elasticsearch, so the wording would seem to indicate that it should work.

Hi @LLin,

We're working on clarifying the alerting documentation in this PR:

The proxy portion is insufficient for alerting to work as it depends on API keys in Elasticsearch which itself requires TLS on Elasticsearch's HTTP interface to work.

Hope this helps,

Hey Mike,

I've installed Elasticsearch,Kibana and Logstash on one server and i am monitoring folders with Filebeat on another PC.

How can i get the Alarms and Actions portion to be visible in Kibana since i am using all 3 components on one device?

Also i am with the free version of all 4 so i presume i need to be at least a Premium user.

Please let me know if there is any way to accomplish this.


Hi @Reeker,

To get started you can find the documentation here:

Since alerting is an xpack feature, all you need is a basic license.

There are a few items to complete before using alerting:

Hope this helps!

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