Elastic Cloud-Watcher Action Conditions

Hello Team,

We want to use Elastic Cloud and all the other features including X-pack and we've considered the Watcher alerting options for our demands. First we thought about the webhook for receiving data from our ldap server. Can we pull data via webhook to our Elasticsearch service or can we write and integrate our custom API to Elastic Cloud? And secondly, for Watcher action conditions, can we pull data via http and put it in our action condition dynamically? Thank you for your help.

Hey @jicahulob,

This forum is meant for Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) which is another product. For future issues please see https://www.elastic.co/cloud/as-a-service/support on how to raise a support ticket for Elastic Cloud.

Specifically for your question I suggest reading the following documentation on how to use Alerting in Elasticsearch Service.

Hope this helps.

Hey zanbel,

Thank you for the suggestion, I've already read the documents and as I understand we can only send the alert data(metadata, bucket values etc.) via webhook to our client. But can we pull any data from our client in to the watcher alert process? That was the question I couldn't find the answer inside the documents.

It seems like you are looking for the HTTP input.

  • Query external web services. The http input enables you to load data from any service that exposes an HTTP endpoint. This provides a bridge between Elasticsearch clusters and other systems.

If you have further question I think it will be useful for post them in the Elasticsearch discuss forum.

Thank you Roy, HTTP Input looks like the solution but there is one thing is messing my mind. I've considered the chain input with http input after your suggestion. But can I put a condition between two chain inputs? If I can, it's really the solution for my case.

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