Any prediction on release of Kibana 5?

We are at the early stages of developing a new Kibana application, but we have noticed that there is much work going on towards Kibana 5, which will apparently be incompatible with Kibana 4.4 in several ways with respect to plugins. For example, the generator-kibana-plugin helper targets the upcoming release, not the currently stable one.

So, is there any prediction on the release date of the new version?

If it is close enough, maybe one should invest in exploring the new version instead of the current one.

For specific questions about plugin development, I'd recommend asking the devs live on IRC. We do keep a short list of resources here, but I'd recommend double-checking before you start. Added benefit of chatting live is you can share your specific use case and get feedback from us regarding the best way to proceed with developing your plugin :slight_smile:

Regarding 5.0 GA delivery, we are currently targeting summer 2016, but these dates are subject to change based on feedback during the alpha/beta period. The best way to affect this outcome is to get involved early in the process and help us test the early versions. Thanks in advance!

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