Any way to add a Sum Total to a Horizontal Chart?

I've got a horizontal bar chart visualization that I've built in Kibana as below. The Y-Axis is an aggregation of Count. The Y-Axis is a Split Series of Terms.

Is there any way to create an extra bar that shows the Sum Total of all three severity levels in one bar?

Yes, this is possible using TSVB. TSVB does expect a time bucket, but here is the configuration that worked for me:

The result:

I used two metrics, one is grouped by Terms, and the other is showing everything. You may want to group using a Lucene or KQL filters instead of Everything, but the principle is the same:

In the panel options for this setting, I specifically chose "Data timerange mode" -> "Entire time range" because TSVB would otherwise only look at the most recent bucket. I also customized my index for this visualization.

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Is the "Data timerange mode" field a 7.x feature? I'm using version 6.7. I also cannot find this field defined in any of the online documentation. It does look like that field would allow the chart to view the entire time-range.

You're right, I'm sorry to confuse the issue. This feature isn't released yet, but it has been merged for the upcoming 7.4 release and 8.0 release:

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