New to Kibana, not sure how to create a horizontal bar chart

I'm just getting started with Kibana,

I'm analysing log files, and in any given log entry there are 2 pieces of information I'm interested in. One is called a "query name" and the other is "execute time". I've already setup logstash to parse the lines and the fields are mapped correctly.

What I'm trying to do is create a horizontal bar chart with "execute time" on the X-axis and "query name" on the Y-axis, but all that seems to be possible to to have a count of the frequency of each query name.

Is it possible to have 2 different fields in my bar chart?

hmm, probably you can do this - on the x-axis you need to do a terms aggregation on the query name field and on the y-axis they need to select a metric for the execution time field
or if you want to display the value from the most recent document with that query name instead of computing an aggregation, you could use the top hit metric . Hope this helps...


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