Bar Chart with two aggregations & filter

Hello together,
I am new to the forum, so please let me know if my question is at the wrong place and let me know where the correct place is. Thanks for your help, in advance.

I would like to create a bar chart for which I have to use several aggregations. My situation is the following:
I have events with a timestamp. I want to count how often at least one event occured per day aggregated on a weekly level. For example: I have 3 events on Monday, 2 events on Wednesday, 5 events on Thursday and 1 event on Saturday. As a result I want to see a bar of the height 4 for that week, as there have been 4 days that week when at least 1 event occured.

I thought I will make a count over the days first and make another group by per week. However, I don't understand how I can do that in Kibana. I have Kibana 6.6.1.

I would be very happy if somebody can help me. If you need more details or a better explanation, please let me know.


I think you're on the right path - the starting point would look something like:
image . That will end up giving you a count of the number of events on the y axis - so 11 in this case. If the date field is only the date, we can use a terms aggregation instead of date_histogram for the sub buckets and I think that will give us the count we're looking for.

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