How do I sync these two values with with a vertical bar chart in kibana?

I have a JSON file which I have on my Elasticsearch:

As you can see, it's a HAR file. The two values that I am interested in is URL and "time" (response time). I have tried to set up a vertical bar chart where the Y axis is the response time and the X axis are the URL:s themselves.

The problem is that the Y axis only has the options count, average, sum, median, min, max, unique count and percentiles. There is no option to grab the term log.entries.time from my JSON file and have it as an axis. I can however grab my X axis as terms and display my URLS.

This is how it looks in my visualization right now:

I'm really stuck here and I really want to create this bar chart! All the help I can get is greatly appreciated.

Example of the bar I want to create with kibana:

Hi. Can somone please help me?

If you change the Y-axis aggregation to something like Average, it should give you another select box with the option to select your time field.

Hi Jon and thank you for the answer,
I am aware that I can select my time field with the Y-axis. What I am stuck with is correlating the Y-axis (time) with my X-axis (url). This is what I don't know how to implement.

At the moment my bar looks like this. All the URL:s have the same value, and I want to make them different so that they are linked to the .time field.