Any way to have Custom Fields for Environment Variables within Metrics Inventory using Elastic Agent

We've deployed Elastic Agent across our organization, and use the 'system' integration to grab system metrics from every VM. We view this in the Metrics App in Kibana.

We have different environments - Development, Regression, Training, Production, etc. We also have different roles and applications for our VMs. I'd love sift and sort these within the Inventory app.

I see the ability to 'Group by' different fields - but none of these fields have the information that we want. On each VM is a suite of environment variables that has all the information we want - environment tier, application, role.

Is there a way to configure Elastic Agent's 'system' integration to capture these environment variables with each document, and thus letting me Group by this field? It's currently a challenge to navigate the many systems to find what the one you're looking for.

Thank you.

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