Computers with no data in metrics inventory

I have a couple computers that used to have the Elastic Agent installed and reporting metric data. Now that they are no longer reporting metric data they still show up on the metric inventory screen in Kibana showing 0% CPU usage. If I go to host metrics it says there is no data to display. Why would they still be showing up on the inventory page if there is no data?


AFAIK the nodes on the inventory page are collected from a wider time range. Could that be the reason why they stay around for longer?

Possibly? It's throwing three computers that have the "Desktop" fleet configuration I created in along with computers that have the "Server" fleet configuration. The server configuration collects performance metrics while the desktop config does not, hence the 0% CPU usage for those hosts and no data when I hover over the host. The rest of the hosts that have the "Desktop" config applied do not show up in inventory.

Interesting... do you happen to collect logs into a logs-* or filebeat-* index from the three 0% desktop machines?

I'm not sure. I'm new to Elastic and just recently spun up a self managed deployment. It should be whatever the 7.9 Elastic Agent defaults to. I think I might have initially had the System, Windows, and Endpoint integrations on that configuration and then I dropped it down to just Endpoint. I'm guessing that is part of the cause. Those might have been the three machines that were on the original configuration before I removed the System and Windows integrations.