Fleet UI not displaying CPU and Memory stats for some agents

I have some agents that are not showing their CPU and Memory usage on the fleet page, but do have the metric updating every few seconds on the agent details page.

Elasticsearch version 8.8.2
Elastic agent version 8.8.2

Fleet page showing missing CPU and Memory metric:

Host page showing a CPU and Memory metric that are updating every few seconds:

I reviewed this similar post and did not think that it applied to my case because I am seeing the metrics update every few seconds from the agent details page: Kibana Fleet UI not displaying CPU and Memory Stats for Agents

Does anyone have an easy fix for this?

Is the system integration a part of the policy?

The systems integration is assigned to the Windows policy, not on the Linux policy.
Also, the behavior I described is not consistent across all Linux machines. Some show the fleet UI metrics.

I believe you need the systems integration in order to collect CPU/metrics in order for them to be shown

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