Anyway to add some flag for request from dashboard or visualize

anyway to add some flag for request from dashboard or visualize.
then I can identify the request is from visualize or dashboard in my proxy layer.

I guess its something about searchSource or courier, i am not sure. anyone know that, and please show some core code for me, thanks

All of Discover, Visualize and Dashboard use the same query mechanism underneath which makes them hard to distinguish. I would not consider what you ask to be an easy task, but you might be able to loop such a parameter through from the SearchSource through the Request to callClient.

could you tell me, how or where visualize or dashboard use the searchsource in the source code?

They use it via the SavedObject the the respective visualization or dashboard is based on:

visualize or dashboard can mget or msearch some data in es, you mean it also use saved_object?

I just tried to point out where the SearchSource is created so you can find a suitable place to make your changes. The SavedObject class is used to load the visualization or dashboard definition.

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