API Call to Pass Facet Filter Result

Hello Elastic,

I want to ask, I have a business portal that resides on Outsystem.

Seems they have limitation to work on React library from Elastic on the Search UI, as they would like to replicate the facet filter from the Search UI.

For example as follow :

Is there a way we can pass the facet filter result through API call?



So are you looking to grab and then render the facets? If you are using App Search, you can use App Search API. If not, your next best bet would be to use term aggregations and term filters to deal with facets.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Samiul_Monir , thank you for your suggestions, is there reference I can refer to?


If you're using App search, you can perform the search call, which you can then apply the facets and filters. Facets Guide | App Search documentation [8.14] | Elastic


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