Is Reference UI / React required to filter results when users click facet checkboxes?

I have a pre-existing site built with MeteorJS which is built on NodeJS and I don't use React for this particular project. So I find myself trying to understand React enough to implement into my project, but I'm not finding any event listeners I can console log to see what's happening, nor can I see where HTTP get or post is happening.

With my meteor app, I can actually send search queries and get the results and even display the facet data I've requested, I just can't find in the guides or documents how I make the action work when someone clicks one of the checkboxes of a facet. Like I said, I looked in the downloadable example code and didn't see any event functions that send a get or post back to Elastic, so I'm kind of stuck not knowing how to filter results when users select differing boxes to refine their results.

Please let me know if you need anymore information from me or if I need to explain anything more clearly.

Thank you!

Nevermind, I figured out my problem, I was testing with data I typed, not realizing the data needing to be checked had to be case sensitive.

Link for anyone else who might have challenges with thinking they aren't sending the correct API call when searching using filters.

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