Retrieving filter facets through search API


I'm working on creating a custom search UI using the search API. Is it possible to retrieve the filter facets that have been configured in the main Workplace Search UI through the search API? For example, I created a filter facet for the Product field through the customizing filters API; is it possible to get the options for this filter facet back with the results in a search API call without specifying the facet options in the search request? I'm building my custom search UI to somewhat resemble the main Workplace Search UI and would like the filters to be the same if possible.

(On a related note - is there any way to embed the Workplace Search UI inside another page/application?)


Hey @sdeal ,

Looks like no, the Search API doesn't currently have a way to return back facets that you don't specify as facet option in the request. If you have a support relationship with Elastic, I'd recommend that you file this as an Enhancement Request.

Not today (v7.16.3). However, if you haven't seen Libraries for developing modern search experiences | Elastic yet, I'll suggest you take a look there. That project is getting a lot of love right now with Workplace Search in mind, so stay tuned.

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