[API Logs] App Search Self Managed config time save logs?

Dear Team,

I'm using App Search Self Managed 7.2.0
Please help me, config time save logs?
(Current default 24h)

Thanks Team

Can anyone support?

Hi @tuyndv :wave:
I'm not sure what you mean by the 24h default in relation to API Logs. Can you describe the issue in more detail?

Dear Orhantoy,
I want can set custom time save logs ( ex: 72h, or 1 week,...)

Have you tried going to the "API Logs" page? Link is in the sidebar.

Yes, but data logs only in 24h.
I want longer log storage time, for example 7 days or 1 month, ...

In the link docs : https://swiftype.com/documentation/app-search/api/logs
App Search Cloud (Standard plans retain 24 hours of log information, Pro+ plans retain 7 days.)
So, App Search Self Host : ?

Hi Tuyn - log retention isn't configurable right now, but it is something we are planning on looking at in the near future. Thank you for the question!

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Thanks NickChow

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