Self hosted app search is very slow

Hi All,
I have set up app-search self managed instance on a linux machine. Which is fine however
i have below two issues,

  1. Writing data into app search with .Net core application which is running on the same machine, the job does two parts
    fetches data from a document based db -- upto to here it is very quick.
    the second part is writing data to app-search.. which is taking too long.. it is processing only 100,000 records per day.

  2. logstasher.log is growing very rapidly.. is there any way we can restrict this.?

Any suggestions please.
Thank you in advance.

The default logging level in app-search.yml is info. Have you tried uncommenting the setting and changing it to warn as per the below example?

    # ---------------------------------- Logging ----------------------------------
    # Choose your log export path.
    #log_directory: log
    # Log level can be: debug, info, warn, error, fatal, or unknown.
    log_level: warn
    # Choose your Filebeat logs export path.
    #filebeat_log_directory: log

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