Api to get saved objects info like Dashboard for kibana 8.9.0?

GET <kibana host>:<port>/api/saved_objects/<type>/<id>
The above API is deprecated for version 8.9.0

GET <kibana host>:<port>/api/data_views
This API only returns the info about data_views not dashboard.

What is the API to get dashboard info?

Hello @Daemon1,

What is your use case?

Using the import/export APIs should cover most scenarios. The Export API enables you to fetch collections of saved objects.

Hope it helps!

I want to check whether the dashboard is created before creating or updating dashboard.
I am using import API for creating/updating dashboard. But before importing(updating), we need to replace the dashboard id of created dashboard in ndjson file, otherwise we will end up with creating new dashboard if we do not use the dashboard id of already created dashboard.

For this scenario you can still use the Get Object API. Deprecated shouldn't mean that it isn't working. Those APIs won't be removed before there's alternative APIs to use.

Oh no - I was hoping to start integrating with saved_objects API (just the list and get endpoints), but I can't justifying integrating with a deprecated API.

Is there any way to track progress on the new API? Does it have a plan or a name yet?


@laher, welcome to the community!

What is your use case?

Saved Objects API deprecation notice

Hi Priscilla,

We are integrating Kibana reports into our existing scheduling infrastructure, so that the report could be run and delivered to our tenants (e.g. via SFTP) on a schedule.

At the moment, our implementation requires someone to paste a Kibana 'POST URL' (including the long rison jobParams) into a text field in our web app.

I was hoping that we could instead present them with a dropdown list of dashboards and visualisations, so that they could choose one there. Crucially they would also be able to optionally not pin to a version of the visualisation. When they update their visualisation/dashboard, the scheduled job would generate a POST URL which reflects the latest version of the saved object, including any recent edits.


  • When configuring the scheduled task: we'd list saved objects (filtered by type).
  • When running the task, we'd use the ID and type to fetch the saved object, generate a POST URL, and then run the report.

In the meantime, we can still ask people to paste in the Post URL including its rison jobParams. It's OK, it's just more clunky & may require some tricky maintenance (e.g. if the visualisation changes or if our index definitions change, then their rison POST URLs might need updating).


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