APM Agent for .NET docker AWS Lambda

According to the documentation , there is no apm agent for lambda functions that run in .net. Is there any plan to add such an agent? Is there any option to monitor such functions at this time?

Hi @xardes,

Yes, we do plan to support AWS Lambda with .NET. We have a GitHub issue for this: [META 352] AWS Lambda support · Issue #1764 · elastic/apm-agent-dotnet · GitHub

Is there any option to monitor such functions at this time?

This depends on the specific use-case. Theoretically, if it's let's say an ASP.NET Core app, running in Lambda, then the current agent would still work.

There are essentially 2 issues:

  • Something needs to start the transactions - if we have auto instrumentation for what you use (e.g. ASP.NET Core), then we got this covered, otherwise, you'd need to manually start the transaction. Docs here
  • The other problem is that, if the process is killed, the agent may not have the chance to send the events. This again, depends your app. This is definitely a no-go for short living processes, but may be ok for other apps.

We plan to address these points in the GitHub issue linked above.

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