Elastic APM for .NET core

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I am interested in the roadmap for an Elastic APM agent for .NET core. Right now I am just looking for any information on it, and possibly ways our team could help contribute to the development of it. Or if there is an effort already underway, how we can get involved / stay up to date.

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Hi Michael

Thanks for asking. We haven't yet started the development of the .NET agent, but will do so within the next few months. Once we start, the GitHub repository will be public and the agent will be open source just like all our other agents. You'll be able to follow along and potentially even join the effort then.

I can't say how long it will take to make the agent production ready, but these things usually take time as we need to add support for the most popular frameworks and databases for the agent to be really useful.

We usually release the agent as first an alpha, then beta and finally in GA (general availability). This will give everybody a chance to try things out and provide feedback and for us to make sure all bugs are squashed before users deploy it in a high risk production environment.

We'll probably not make a public announcement about the .NET agent before it the reaches beta stage, so keep an eye out for its repository here: https://github.com/elastic?utf8=✓&q=apm-agent&type=&language=


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Hi @micco, a short update on this:

We just created a repository there: https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-dotnet

We’ll start working on this very soon. If you have any input for us, feel free to use that repo to communicate .NET specific questions, requests, issues, etc.

I’d be very happy to learn about your specific scenario and what you expect from us (Like .NET Core vs. Full Framework, ASP.NET Core vs. Classic ASP.NET, EF/EF Core vs. other ORMs, etc.).


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