Elastic-apm client .NET release date to stable version


We are investigating the Elastic APM client to use in our micro services platform that is built on dotnet core 2.2.
I see that the client is still in beta, so I would like to know when will be good time to start using this into production?

Best Regards


Welcome Marjan,

We plan to have a GA (general availability) release in the coming months.

We usually don’t commit to dates, so I can’t tell you anything specific (actually we don’t have it either), but here is a list of issues that we plan to finish before GA - most of these are relatively small things: https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-dotnet/milestone/1

Less than two weeks ago we released our Beta - moving to GA also depends on the feedback we receive. So I’d definitely encourage you to try it in a non-Prod environment and let us know how it works.



Thx Greg for the response. Looking forward to start using this tool!

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