Beta release for .NET APM Agent

Hi Team,

We have already implemented Elastic APM for couple of our applications & rest of the applications are build on .NET. So would like to know what is an rough ETA to expect the beta or GA version of .NET agent.


Hi @Sam21,

Thanks for your interest in the .Net agent. It is hard to say a specific timeline for GA or even for a Beta, it take many months to have a fully working agent.

As a reference the Java agent started in January 2018 and was GA in November.
This timeline depends in many factors like the complexity of the language, how many problems we find on the way and the amount of new features that agent needs to implement, the platform will keep evolving and the agent needs to keep up.
Feel free to follow the repository for update -

Also, we have a survey to get an overview about what the public wants us to support. Please make sure you fill it:

Also if you have a specific framework you would like us to support or a specific problem, feel free to give us more details here.

And maybe one last thing: We haven’t released anything, so the agent is not production ready, but if you are interested and willing to build it yourself, maybe you can take a look at the Agent API, which is documented here:

With that you can already manually instrument applications. But like I said, it’s not final, or even beta yet, so it may changes.


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