APM .NET Agent

(AFShin Seysan) #1


Is there an official .Net Agent available now?

The Only support topic is: Elastic .NET Agent and Java Agent
Which is closed almost one year ago.

Thank you.

(Andrew Wilkins) #2

Hello, and thanks for your interest in Elastic APM!

Work has just started on a .NET agent. You can follow the progress at https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-dotnet. If you would let us know a bit about your applications and which things you're interested in monitoring (.NET Core? ASP.NET? ORMs?), that will help us steer the roadmap.

(AFShin Seysan) #3

Thank you Andrew for the update and very good news.
Would you like me to put the answers in the questionnaire provided on the github link? or you would like me to enter here ?

(Andrew Wilkins) #4

If you would fill out the questionnaire, that would be easiest for us to keep track of. Thank you!

(Ajay Mishra) #5

Thanks Andrew for update. I am eagerly waiting for .NET agent specially for .NET Core applications. I have already filled the Elastic APM .NET survey.

(David Soff) #6

So what is the average turnaround time for an APM agent?
I'm hoping I can delay a decision on APM platform on our part until the .Net agent is ready

(Alvaro Lobato) #7


Thanks for you interest in the .Net agent. It is hard to say a specific timeline for GA, it take many months to have a fully working agent.
As a reference the Java agent started in January and was GA yesterday.

This timeline depends in many factors like the complexity of the language, how many problems we find on the way and the amount of new features that agent needs to implement, the platform will keep evolving and the agent needs to keep up.

Feel free to follow the repository for update - https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-dotnet

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