APM Agent for Perl

Hi, everyone.

I am working on Globant Consultant, and one of our client it's LATAM Airlines. Some great percentage of their legacy code its on perl 5.14, we tried to used new_relic agent but we have many inconsistencies by adapting and implementing FFI::Platypus and new_relic libraries. Do you have at any time working on a Perl APM Agent in order to implement ELK Stack and APM.

Carlos Holmstron

Hi @juanxho , and welcome to the forum!

Perl is not currently on our roadmap.

However, the server and its agents are all open source! If you're keen, you could take a look at the Intake API, and develop an agent yourself; you can also find the agents on GitHub, should you desire some inspiration. We will also be happy to provide some guidance here.


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