APM agent for rails 5.0.5 not sending data

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I followed this link: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/apm/agent/ruby/current/getting-started-rails.html for setting up my rails app monitoring. But it is not sending data to my apm-server. apm-server is running fine and also have few index from the same server. I'm using Rails 5.0.5.
my "config/elastic_apm.yml"
server_url: 'http://monitor-rails.com/apm'
log_path: 'log/elastic_apm.

Also nothing is being logged in 'log/elastic_apm.log'. apm logs are being showed in my rails log only. These are the logs I get:

[ElasticAPM] [2.0.1] Starting agent, reporting to http://monitor-rails.com/apm
[ElasticAPM] Booting 1 workers

and after some rails app usage:

[ElasticAPM] Queue is full (256 items), skipping…

I don't seem to find any workaround for this.
I use ElasticSearch -> 6.5.0, APM-server -> 6.5.0 and nginx to redirect the request.

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Hi! Are you using Puma and its preload_app! ? If so, can you try running the master branch? There's a fix coming up.

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I'm using passenger-nginx module in development environment.

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Try setting log_level for the agent to 0 and see if that reveals some more info. Do you see log messages of any errors?

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I changed log level to 0. These are the logs I get:

[ElasticAPM] [2.0.1] Starting agent, reporting to http://monitor.brisky.co.in/apm
[ElasticAPM] Booting 1 workers
[ElasticAPM] Starting instrumenter

after some time, (nothing between this is logged by ElasticAPM)
[ElasticAPM] Queue is full (256 items), skipping…

(Silvia Mitter) #6

This should be fixed in the current master branch and with the next release.

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