APM agent integration to sharepoint pages

I'm trying to get to monitor a sharepoint site. I've considered doing so by including the JS-node APM agent OR the JS-frontend APM agent in libraries in sharepoint and then embbedding the script using these libraries on my pages. The thing that's bugging me is that both JS agent version have to be installed with npm/node and i was wondering if it's required that i have a node server running in order for these libraries to work on my page (since i can't have node running from the sharepoint libraries) or if i can just use the whole node_module folder after the install of the agent as any normal js source folder without having node running somewhere.

I have basic knowledge of both node and sharepoint but merging both is kinda weird to me. I just want to know if what i'm trying to do is completely impossible or if there's a better way to get APM running on my shrapoint site. Should i give up all JS agent in that context and build a custom agent in a more sharepoint-friendly language? If yes, how hard is it to get some basic APM agent feature working; what is the agent actually doing? Sending post requests with JSON formatted stats? Litteraly ANY insight is welcome!


Thanks for reaching out.

Our frontend agent is designed to be used with any JS frontend application and should work with sharepoint sites. If you are only interested in monitoring the frontend then there is no need to install our node agent.

Howerver, the frontend agent would require an apm-server to be running on one of your servers so it can send the monitoring data to it.

The current frontend agent provides Error logging and Page load monitoring. Furthermore you can use our custom transactions to instrument your application further.

I hope this answers your questions.


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