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Hi Tech team,

I wanted to monitor my MY API server which is on PHP, Can i use the APM server and client (ELK+APM) to monitor the api server. Actually i need stats all stats of my API servers on Kibana dashboard as provided by another application . Please see the stats on the below url.

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You can use Elastic APM to monitor the response times of your API endpoints. There is no Elastic-supported agent for PHP, however there are several PHP agents developed by community members, e.g.

Regarding swagger-stats: it's not clear to me what you want to do, since you mentioned your app is written in PHP, but swagger-stats appears to be for Node.js. Are you just using this as an example of what you want to achieve? From what I can see (I don't know swagger-stats), it looks like it produces roughly similar data to Elastic APM.

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@axw Thanks for your quick response.
The reason i mentioned Swagger-stats here because their dashboard and stats are very helpful but unfortunate its not supported to php so my question was if i can get the same monitoring stats with APM and create dashboard of my api stats using the APM and ELK, then it will be a blessing for me.


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