APM/Elastic is not indexing transaction.page.url

Context: We have implemented RUM via APM and want to get an aggregated count of visits by url from that data.

If you look at this screenshot of a search (done via discover) you will see that transaction.page.url is showing up in the column:

But transaction.page.url is not part of any mapping property in my apm-* index and it also doesn't show up when I try to query by that property.

So where is it coming from? And how do I index unique page visits using it?

Hi @amit_e,

Currently, the page url is not indexed since it's the full url of the page including query strings and fragments, therefore it can potentially be very long. However, you can use Tags API to add any information to Transactions and Errors.

Please note that the length of each tag is limited to 1024 characters.


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